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Fire Lighting
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Black Hawk Bushcraft and Survival


The Bushcraft, Survival and Falconry courses are run in the Brecon Beacons National Park.South Wales.The courses are designed to give you an insight into what wilderness survival is all about, learning the skills needed to live in relative comfort in a sometimes hostile environment,using methods of our ancestors. Construction of brushwood shelters, finding collecting and sterilization of water, fire lighting without matches, introduction to collecting edible plants and fungi, uses of medicinal plants, traps and snares, game preparation, backwoods cooking, map and compass, survival navigation, river crossings, abseiling,S.O.S.


Jeff with his many years experience as a survival instructor in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, became the lead instructor and trainer in South Wales for BGSA from April 2014 continuing through 2017. Jeff helped train candidates from various parts of the UK as potential leaders for enrolment into the BGSA.



Bushcraft Courses

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