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About Us


Established in 1988, Black Hawk Bushcraft and Survival deliver an exciting, diverse programme of courses, events and camps for adults, children and families to inspire and inform you about the natural world.


Black Hawk Bushcraft and Survival create exceptional opportunities in bushcraft and survival, nature awareness and outdoor education for the general public, environmental organisations, events and team building for corporate and private client groups.


Jeff our senior instructor has taught Survival and Bushcraft in South Africa, Australian Outback(Bush), Malaysia's Jungles and Norway, Jeff is also a lead instructor with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.


Our bushcraft courses are designed around a hands-on and practical approach, skills development, recreational learning and environmental appreciation, teaching not by long winded lectures but by "doing" and "living with the skills


We believe that our approach enables each student to learn more quickly and thoroughly, and ensures that they have the abilities to meet the challenges opportunities and goals of the training given.The end result is more than a collection of skills and knowledge, but an entirely different view of our natural environment and resources.

Bushcraft Courses

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