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Hawk Walks and Falconry

This adventure is the perfect introduction for adults and children to experience the Ancient Art of Falconry. The Hawks will follow on across the fields as you walk through the countryside and will glide with ease to land on your gloved fist when raised. On arrival you are introduced to the birds you will be flying during your visit. After your introduction, you will be taught a few essential skills needed to handle these magnificent creatures.


You can discover the grace and power of these majestic Harris Hawks with this amazing bird handling experience. These birds of prey are renowned for majestic beauty, and you'll have the unique chance to see them up close as an expert shows you how to fly and handle a Hawk. A truly unforgettable day out, these trained birds will land elegantly on your gloved hand, while your guide tells you everything you want to know about these beautiful birds.

Fer n the Harris Hawk


Spend a half day learning all about birds of prey.This hands on course offer you the chance to spend time with experienced falconers who will share their knowledge of the history of falconry, owning and flying birds of prey and the characteristics of different species. You will be shown how to pick up and carry a hawk, and will move on to the early stages of training the bird to fly to fist.




Birds of Prey Experience Day 5 hours £83.00 p.p.


Hawk Walk 2 to 3 hours £45.00 p.p


Bushcraft and Birds of Prey Experience Day Full Day £120.00 p.p.

lizard taking a walk
Storm Harris Hawk